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Communication Severs

Business Integrated Communication System

Business Integrated Communication System The Alcatel-Lucent Business integrated Communication Solution (BiCS) is specifically designed to help enterprises with up to 1000 employees benefit from more dynamic communications. It delivers advanced, yet flexible communications that help you interconnect your network, people, processes and knowledge for cost control. It's also cost-optimized to keep expenditures under control as you position yourself for future expansion.

Extended Communication Server

Extended Communication Server This simple flexible, reliable module brings a wealth of additional features to the OmniPCX Office business telephony server, including shared and secure internet access, remote access for mobile employees, email, web servers and collaborative applications.

Designed for very small, small and medium businesses, the Extended Communication Server can easily be upgraded to offer additional capacity or functionalities. No extra hardware or software is required, although optional software packages open up a range of additional capabilities.

OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server

OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server Communication solutions for mid-sized, large, extra-large enterprises and organizations

OmniPCX Office Communication Server

OmniPCX Office Communication Server Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Office Rich Communication Edition (RCE) is a pre-configured server which allows small and medium businesses to enjoy enterprise-class business telephony. The OmniPCX Office RCE is easy to deploy and manage, and is extremely cost effective. Installing an OmniPCX Office RCE is the first step to improved customer service, enhanced business operations, and reduced operational risks.